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The owner Christine has an acupuncture practice in La Voulte (12 km away) and Rouretord. She works since 1984 with traditional Chinese acupuncture and since 1986 additionally with classical homeopathy.

Frequently requested treatments during the holidays are against chronic pain, exhaustion after chemo, smoking cessation and concentration and sleep disorders in children.

Treatments are possible by appointment, including packages during the entire holiday. Christine is very experienced in the treatment of allergies through acupuncture. Use your holiday to improve your health and noticeably increase your overall well-being.

Acupuncture, the needle therapy, was developed about 8000 years ago in China. His oldest written mention is in the “Yellow Emperor”’s book of classic medicine. In the second half of the twentieth century, this method of treatment spread throughout Europe. Today, it is often used in addition to conventional medicine.

Acupuncture is supposed to guide the Qi in the right direction.

The word acupuncture comes from Latin and comes from the word acus, the needle, and punctio, the stabbing. The basis of acupuncture is Taoism. Human imagination differs from Western knowledge of anatomy and bodily functions:

According to Asian understanding, the vital energy Qi flows through the human being. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it crosses the body in the meridians and is easily accessible in more than 700 points just below the surface of the skin. About 400 of them are used as acupuncture points.

People are healthy when their energy flows smoothly. But if the flow of qi is disrupted, for example by cold, heat, poor diet, environmental factors, climate change or psychological factors, then disease and pain may appear. Acupuncture is supposed to eliminate these blockages of the flow of Qi. The Chinese descriptions of organs correspond less to fixed anatomical units than to functional circle concepts that describe functional inter-organ contexts – such as the immune system.

Do happiness hormones work in acupuncture?

What exactly happens in the body during acupuncture has not yet been fully clarified in conventional medicine. New studies suggest that acupuncture triggers an increased release of substances that relieve bodily pain and balance the mood in the brain, among other things. These substances, commonly known as “happiness hormones”, include serotonin and endorphins.

Two weeks quiet in nature, breathtaking views and the hosts, Christine and Bruno – very friendly.
And also vegetables from the garden, excellent Galloway meat (Bruno’s breed) and even acupuncture (thanks Christine). Would rent again without hesitation.

Anne Kozlow

The WHO list included the following areas of use:

  • Diseases of the respiratory system (eg acute sinusitis)
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (such as chronic stomach ulcers)
  • insomnia
  • bronchial asthma
  • Hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis)
  • Neurological disorders (eg after stroke)
  • Ocular diseases (such as central retinitis)
  • Acupuncture during pregnancy (preparatory acupuncture at birth)
  • Musculoskeletal diseases (such as cervicobrachialgia)
  • Diseases of the oral region (eg, pain after extraction, gingivitis) [51].
  •  Depression  migraine

Christine’s career:

  • 1978 Start of physiotherapy studies in Berlin
  • 1980 State examination after working in the paediatric oncology KAVH Berlin
  • 1981 Move to D-27243Beckeln near Bremen
    active as physiotherapist in Bremen Achim and Syke
  • Start of studies for Chinese acupuncture
  • 1984 Chinese acupuncture examination and member of the Academy for Chinese Acupuncture
  • Heilpraktikerin State Examination
  • Opening of an acupuncture practice as an alternative practitioner
  • 1985 Start of studies in classical homeopathy in Cologne
  • 1987 Invitations to acupuncture internships at Tokyo University Hospital
    Myazaki in the hospital of Dr Yamamoto MD.
  • 1987 and 1990 examinations of classical homeopathy.
  • Annual training in acupuncture and homeopathy
  • Sale of the acupuncture practice in Germany and move to France
  • Member of SIATTEC in France since 2007
  • End of 2008 opening of an acupuncture practice in La Voulte sur Rhone and Rouretord.


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